Our Solutions

We provide smart solutions to manufacture customized sugar and sweetener sachets and also copack and comanufacture other food products in individual portions

A2I at glance

Facilities fully suitable for the exclusive handling of food products.

Equipments prepared to meet small, medium and high demands manufacturing food products.

Processes that guarantee best results manufacturing your product.

People prepared and motivated to transform your project into a winning product.

Based on these pillars we are building A2I to serve you today and always!

Inside A2I

  • We use technology to produce your product ensuring fast and reliable processes;
  • Our plant was built in compliance to sanitary requests of Brazilian control agency (ANVISA) to manipulate food products;
  • Our quality guidelines are based on food safety;
  • Good manufacturing practices (GMP) and hazard analysis of crontrol critical points (HACCP) are our baseline;
  • Often we receive third part audits to evaluate our plant and quality system;
  • We only process food products;
  • 100% of our products are private label according to customer request;
  • We don´t sell A2I label products.

About Us

A2I is a brazilian company focused on food market achieving 4 years foundation in 2022. Since beginning we struggle to consolidate as custom supplier of services and products.

A2I partners have decades of experience supporting retail and food service customers. We have expertise to run projects and our plant is 100% suitable for food production.

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